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+The code in this directory derives from an old version (91) of
+the ISC export library shipped with BIND9.  Most of the code in that
+library was not needed and has been discarded.
+It now defines a largish number of small convenience functions for working
+with sockets, and one non-trivial piece of machinery; iteration over
+the system's list of active TCP/IP sockets. This functionality is not
+standardized by POSIX, so here we provide a wrapper around three different
+platform-specific APIs:
+* The getifaddrs(3) library used on Linux and some *BSDs
+* The SIOCGLIFCONF ioctl used on Solaris and SunOS.
+* The sysctl() kernel call implemented on some BSDs.
+There are a few other entry points supporting cryptographic hashing,
+assertions, and error backtraces.

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