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f2e312de by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Update INSTALL for SuSE SLES 12sp1

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009d51d6 by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Polish up SLES requirements after actually building

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f579081d by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Remove extra lines due to a typo

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012fc12f by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Minor change for consistency ("root"=>"core")

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e97b26ca by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Typo fixes

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2730961e by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Improve ntpviz doc, aligning with the actual program

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65c34eba by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Fix my own formatting typo

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4b22239e by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Correct typo in refclock.txt, which generates broken links

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7fe6124a by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Remove the hints documentation, as the hints no longer exist

The hints were remove by the following commit:

commit 77c56f148986e14d8903a8601a46e3e025595490
Author: Eric S. Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com>
Date:   Sun Sep 20 00:15:34 2015 -0400

    Niuke the hint files, andeexplain why the directory is empty.

    All the hints files were for ancient platforms not meeting  our compatibility

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c8e221f6 by Sanjeev Gupta at 2016-11-21T11:59:56-05:00
Remove references to hints/ , including in wscript

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8 changed files:

- docs/build.txt
- − docs/hints.txt
- docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
- docs/includes/refclock.txt
- docs/index.txt
- docs/orphan.txt
- docs/wscript


@@ -20,17 +20,21 @@ Python 2.x, x >= 6, or Python 3.x, x >= 3::
    intallation and Python dev tools, if your OS makes such a
+   SLES: python-devel
    Required to build.
    Debian: bison
    Fedora: bison
    Gentoo package: sys-devel/bison
+   SLES: bison . Included in pattern `basis-devel`, which includes gcc, etc.
    Required on Linux, to support dropping root.
    Fedora: libcap and libcap-devel
    Debian: libcap2 and libcap-dev
    Gentoo package: sys-libs/libcap
+   SLES: libcap2 and libcap-devel
    Required for ntpviz.
@@ -38,18 +42,21 @@ gnuplot::
    Fedora: gnuplot
    Gentoo package: sci-visualization/gnuplot
    Ubuntu package: gnuplot5
+   SLES: gnuplot
    Optional for ntpviz.  Allows running with ionice()
    Debian package: python-psutil or python3-psutil
    Gentoo package: dev-python/psutil
    Ubuntu package: python-psutil or python3-psutil
+   SLES: python-psutil
 libevent 2.x::
    Optional. Without it, ntpdig won't build. 
    Debian: libevent-2.0-5 and libevent-dev
    Fedora: libevent and libevent-devel
    Gentoo package: dev-libs/libevent
+   SLES: libevent and libevent-devel
    NetBSD: As installed, libevent is broken.  It links, but doesn't run.
      Here is a workaround:
@@ -61,6 +68,7 @@ seccomp::
    Debian: libseccomp-dev (gets libseccomp2)
    Fedora: libseccomp-devel
    Gentoo package: sys-libs/libseccomp
+   SLES: libseccomp-devel
    Optional, required for --enable-crypto.
@@ -68,6 +76,7 @@ OpenSSL::
    Debian: libssl1.0.0 and libssl-dev
    Fedora: openssl-libs and openssl-devel
    Gentoo package: dev-libs/openssl
+   SLES: openssl-libs and openssl-devel
    If you are building to supply Stratum 1 time service (that is, with
@@ -78,6 +87,7 @@ sys/timepps.h::
    Debian: pps-tools
    Fedora: pps-tools-devel (pps-tools may be useful for debugging)
    Gentoo package: net-misc/pps-tools
+   SLES: SLES 12 and earlier do not seem to have this available.
 asciidoc, a2x::
    You will need asciidoc to make HTML and a2x to make manual pages from the
@@ -86,18 +96,21 @@ asciidoc, a2x::
    Debian: asciidoc
    Fedora: asciidoc  (Stock CentOS/RHEL has only 8.4.5, you must upgrade)
    Gentoo package: app-text/asciidoc
+   SLES: asciidoc
 Local copy of DocBook stylesheets:
    Optional: Prevents documentation build failures when your Internet is down
    Debian: docbook-xsl
    Fedora: docbook-xsl-stylesheets
    Gentoo package: app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets
+   SLES: docbook-xsl-stylesheets .  Pulled in by `asciidoc`
    Optional, improves font quality in ntpviz renderings.
    Debian: liberation
    Fedora: liberation
    Gentoo package: media-fonts/liberation-fonts
+   SLES: liberation-fonts
 The OS X build has been tested in this environment:

--- a/docs/build.txt
+++ b/docs/build.txt
@@ -42,8 +42,7 @@ options. Therefore, it is necessary to configure, build and install
 for each system and version. In almost all cases, these procedures are
 completely automatic, The user types +./waf configure+, +./waf build+,
 and +./waf install+ in that order and the build system does the
-rest. There are some exceptions, as noted below and on the
-link:hints.html[Hints and Kinks] pages.
+rest. There are some exceptions, as noted below.
 This page provides only a general introduction to building the code.
 Please consult the INSTALL file in the distribution root for the
@@ -81,9 +80,8 @@ there.
 == If You Have Problems ==
-If you have problems with your hardware and software environment (e.g.
-operating system-specific issues), browse the link:hints.html[Hints and
-Kinks] pages. For other problems a tutorial on debugging technique is in
+If you have problems with your hardware and software environment,
+a tutorial on debugging technique is in
 the link:debug.html[NTP Debugging Technique] page. A list of important
 system log messages is on the link:msyslog.html[+ntpd+ System Log
 Messages] page.

docs/hints.txt deleted
--- a/docs/hints.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,38 +0,0 @@
-= Hints and Kinks =
-'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', Lewis Carroll]
-Mother in law has all the answers.
-link:./hints/[Hint Index]
-This is an index for a set of troubleshooting notes contained in
-individual files in the `./hints` directory. They were supplied by
-various volunteers in the form of mail messages, patches or just plain
-word of mouth. Each note applies to a specific computer and operating
-system and gives information found useful in setting up the NTP
-distribution or site configuration. The notes are very informal and
-subject to errors; no attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of
-the information contained in them.
-Additions or corrections to this list or the information contained in
-the notes is solicited. The most useful submissions include the name of
-the computer manufacturer (and model numbers where appropriate),
-operating system (specific version(s) where appropriate), problem
-description, problem solution and submitter's name and electric address.
-If the submitter is willing to continue debate on the problem, please so
-This list is cleaned up by removing obsolete notes or, when possible,
-routinizing the hints into the standard build and install procedure.
-Thus, you might find it empty ('not found'), and if you do that is
-probably a good thing.

--- a/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
+++ b/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
@@ -43,6 +43,10 @@ subset of comparative plots for multiple directories.
     Specifies one or more logfile directories to examine; the default is
     the single directory /var/log/ntpstats.
+-g or --generate::
+    Run plot through gnuplot to make png.  The default is to generate
+    GNUPLOT programs.
 -o OUTDIR or --outdir OUTDIR::
     Set the directory for all output to be OUTDIR.  If OUTDIR does
     not exist it is created.  The default OUTDIR is 'ntpgraphs'.
@@ -100,7 +104,7 @@ The following plots are available:
    Report all peer jitters.  This is a different option name from
-   --peer-offsets only because of a limitation in the Python
+   --peer-jitters only because of a limitation in the Python
    standard library.
@@ -143,7 +147,7 @@ The following plots are available:
    This is deviation from a root-mean-square extrapolation of the
    moving average of past frequency readings.
    Peer jitter from local clock time, from peerstats (field 7)
    A comma-separated list of peer names must follow. It is a fatal
    error for any of these names not to appear in peerstats.
@@ -154,12 +158,11 @@ The following plots are available:
    is a fatal error for any of these names not to appear in peerstats.
 If no individual plot is specified, all plots and an index HTML page
-are generated into a the output directory.
+are generated into the output directory.
 When an index is generated, ntpviz will look for two files in the
-output directory.  None of the files need be present, and the
+output directory.  Neither of these files need be present, and the
 'header' and 'footer' files may contain arbitrary html.
-contain aribtrary HTML.
 The first file is named 'header'.  The contents of that file will be
 added almost at the top of the body on the generated index page.
@@ -184,7 +187,8 @@ ampersand (@).
 Each line in the command file should contain just one option.  Multiple
 options per line are allowed, but discouraged.  Blank lines are allowed.
-Comments can be added, and start with an octothorpe (#).
+Comments can be added, and start with an octothorpe (#).  Comments may
+appear on a new line, or trailing, after the # .
 When an option takes a parameter, the option and parameter must be
 separated by an equal sign (=) or a space.
@@ -207,6 +211,6 @@ font package installed.
 Eric S. Raymond, Gary E. Miller, and Daniel Drown. The GNUPLOT in this
 package is largely based on templates in Daniel Drown's 'chrony-graph'
+project, https://github.com/ddrown/chrony-graph/tree/ntpd .
 // end

--- a/docs/includes/refclock.txt
+++ b/docs/includes/refclock.txt
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 === Reference Clock Support ===
 * link:extern.html[External Clock Discipline and the Local Clock Driver]
 * link:driver-howto.html[How to Write a Reference Clock Driver]
-* link:generic-howto.html[How to build new generic clocks]
+* link:generic_howto.html[How to build new generic clocks]
 * link:refclock.html[Reference Clock Drivers]
 * link:sitemap.html[Site Map]

--- a/docs/index.txt
+++ b/docs/index.txt
@@ -317,11 +317,10 @@ devilishly intricate. This distribution includes a number of utilities
 designed to identify and repair problems using an integrated management
 protocol supported by the link:ntpq.html[+ntpq+] utility program.
-The link:debug.html[NTP Debugging Techniques] and link:hints.html[Hints
-and Kinks] pages contain useful information for identifying problems and
-devising solutions. Additional information on reference clock driver
-construction and debugging is in the link:rdebug.html[Debugging Hints
-for Reference Clock Drivers] page.
+The link:debug.html[NTP Debugging Techniques] page contains useful
+information for identifying problems and devising solutions. Additional
+information on reference clock driver construction and debugging is
+in the link:rdebug.html[Debugging Hints for Reference Clock Drivers] page.
 Users are invited to report bugs and offer suggestions via the
 link:bugs.html[NTP Bug Reporting Procedures] page.

--- a/docs/orphan.txt
+++ b/docs/orphan.txt
@@ -50,13 +50,14 @@ A orphan parent with no sources shows reference ID LOOP if operating at
 stratum 1 and (IPv4 loopback address) otherwise. While
 ordinary NTP clients use a selection metric based on delay and
 dispersion, orphan children use a metric computed from the IP address of
-each core server. Each orphan child chooses the orphan parent as the
-core server with the smallest metric.
+each core server. Each orphan child chooses as the orphan parent as the
+core server with the smallest metric.  This guarantees that all
+orphan children choose the same orphan parent.
 For orphan mode to work well, each core server with available sources
 should operate at the same stratum. All core servers and orphan children
 should include the same tos command in the configuration file. Each
-orphan child should include in the configuration file all root servers.
+orphan child should include in the configuration file all core servers.

--- a/docs/wscript
+++ b/docs/wscript
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
 def build(ctx):
-	doc_source = ctx.path.ant_glob("*.txt") + \
-		     ctx.path.ant_glob("hints/*.txt")
+	doc_source = ctx.path.ant_glob("*.txt")
 	doc_source = filter(lambda x: "body" not in str(x), doc_source)

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