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New section, "Path problems with the test tools".

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 For help on getting that far, see ../INSTALL
+== Path problems with the test tools ==
+The very first thing to do, even before you start up ntpd, is to change
+directory to ntpq/ and run ./ntpq there.  If you get a message that says 
+ntpq: can't find Python NTP library -- check PYTHONPATH.
+you have a problem.  A lot of what was C code in legacy versions
+(pretty much everything except ntpd itself, in fact) has been moved to
+Python in order to improve maintainability and decrease attack
+surface.  Most of these tools share a Python library of critical
+functions.  If you can't load that library, you can't test effectively.
+The waf build is supposed to create a symbolic link from ntpq/ntp to
+pylib in the build directory. This should enable ntpq to "import ntp"
+before you install to rootspace. If that link is not created or
+dpesn't point to pylib/ under your build directory, report
+this as a bug. If it is, but ./ntpq startup fails anyway, you may
+have a mis-configured Python and need to investigate that.
+Load paths are more likely to be an issue after rootspace
+installation.  On most systems, waf will by default install the Python
+library under /usr/local/lib/python${VERSION}/dist-packages (or
+possibly the peer directory site-packages) where ${VERSION} is what
+the command "python --version" gives back. This directory should be on
+your Python's sys.path, in which case all will proceed normally.
+If it's not, you will get the same ntpq failure to launch.  You may be
+able to patch around this by setting the environment variable
+PYTHONPATH to include the rootspace directory where waf installed the
+library; use "waf -v install" to nail down this location.
+Be aware that if this sort of problem occurs in an NTPsec instance
+installed from a binary package, it is almost certainly not an NTPsec
+bug but a packaging error that the NTPsec maintainers themselves can't
+fix. In that case you need to report it to your distribution
 == Preliminary one-off test ==
 For a one-off test:

View it on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/NTPsec/ntpsec/commit/68316349377a24e73ea1f570e36b06a7305f12b7
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