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Document the use of cx_Freeze for Python less execution.

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@@ -15,10 +15,39 @@ and reducing attack surface.  However, we know that some platforms
 cannot support Python or choose not to include it in their core
-For these platorms, we recommend using bbfreeze to render the
-Python to C which can be compiled and packaged as a normal executable.
+For these platorms, we recommend using cx_Freeze to render the NTPsec
+Python programs, and all their imported modules, into standalone files.
+These files can then be copied to a host that does not have Python
+installed and executed just as if Python was installed.
-bbfreeze instructions live https://pypi.python.org/pypi/bbfreeze/0.96.5[here].
+cx_Freeze documentation lives
-You may find that you need to install the package 'patchelf'.
+Your OS package manager may have a package for cx_Freeze.  If not you
+can install it with pip like this:
+pip install cx_Freeze
+You may find that you also need to install the package 'patchelf'.
+Change to the root directory of the NTPsec source distribution and
+run the following commands:
+cxfreeze ntpq/pyntpq
+cxfreeze ntpstats/ntpviz
+cxfreeze ntpsweep/ntpsweep
+cxfreeze ntptrace/ntptrace
+The four executables (pyntpq, ntpviz, ntpsweep, and ntptrace) will now
+be in the directory named dist along with the other files required run.
+You can copy the dist directory, and its contents, to a host that does
+not have Python installed and exectute the programs there.
+There appears to be no speed advantage, or disadvantage, to running the
+binaries created by cx_freeze.

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