[Git][NTPsec/ntpsec][master] ntpviz: change -owidth=w to --width=l

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Wed Nov 2 19:19:46 UTC 2016

Gary E. Miller pushed to branch master at NTPsec / ntpsec

4d365cd7 by Gary E. Miller at 2016-11-02T12:19:23-07:00
ntpviz: change -owidth=w to --width=l

(s)mall, (m)edium, and (l)arge make more sense.

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2 changed files:

- docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
- ntpstats/ntpviz


--- a/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
+++ b/docs/includes/ntpviz-body.txt
@@ -74,9 +74,9 @@ subset of comparative plots for multiple directories.
     ignoring a few spikes in the data.
 -w SIZE or --width SIZE::
-    Set the size of the output plots.  SIZE can be one of 's', 'm', or 'w'.
+    Set the size of the output plots.  SIZE can be one of 's', 'm', or 'l'.
     's' is for browser on small screens (1024x768).  'm' for medium screens
-    (1388x768).  'w' for wide screens (1920x1080).  'm' is the default.
+    (1388x768).  'l' for large screens (1920x1080).  'm' is the default.
 -D DLVL or --debug DLVL::
     Set the debug level to DLVL.  Lsrger DLVL leads to more verbosity. +

--- a/ntpstats/ntpviz
+++ b/ntpstats/ntpviz
@@ -1100,10 +1100,10 @@ Python by ESR, concept and GNUPLOT code by Dan Drown.
                 help="Start time in POSIX (seconds) or ISO8601",
     parser.add_argument('-w', '--width',
-                choices=['s', 'm', 'w'],
+                choices=['s', 'm', 'l'],
-                help="PNG width: s, m, or w",
+                help="PNG width: s, m, or l",
     group.add_argument( '--all-peer-jitters',
                 default = False,

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