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Add some guidance on crontab for ntpviz graphs.

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- ntpstats/README


--- a/ntpstats/README
+++ b/ntpstats/README
@@ -6,3 +6,10 @@ While all comers are invited to experiment with ntpstats.py, its interface
 and capabilities are at present private to the NTPsec suite, subject to
 change without notice, and should not be considered a public interface.
 This status may (and probably will) change in a future release.
+If you want to generate the ntpviz graphs regularly add these lines to
+your root crontab:
+53 * * * * cd /usr/local/src/NTP/ntpsec/ntpstats; ./ntpviz -p 1 -o day -N
+45 11,23 * * * cd /usr/local/src/NTP/ntpsec/ntpstats; ./ntpviz -p 7 -o week -N

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