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Remove documentation for deleted code.

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- util/README


--- a/util/README
+++ b/util/README
@@ -28,9 +28,6 @@ kern.c:: 	Header comment from deep in the mists of past time says:
 		and what it's supposed to be used for should explain
 		it to us, please.
-monitoring::	Directory containing perl scripts useful for monitoring
-                operations
 ntpdate::	Wrapper script to maintain compatibility. Maps options
 		to ntpdig and calls it.
 		Tested: 20160226
@@ -55,15 +52,6 @@ ntptrap::	An ancient perl script to log ntp mode 6 trap messages.
 ntpver::	Simple script using ntpq to print out the suite version.
 		Tested: 20160226
-plot_summary::	Plot summaries generated by summary script.
 sht.c::		Test program for shared memory refclock.
-stats::		directory containing awk and shell scripts useful for
-		maintaining statistics summaries of clockstats, loopstats
-		and peerstats files
-summary::	Generate summary files out of stat files produced by NTP
-                daemon.
 // end

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