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Document removal of ntpdsim.

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--- a/docs/index.txt
+++ b/docs/index.txt
@@ -108,10 +108,13 @@ few will be user-visible.
   saveconfig command in ntpq, the --saveconfigquit option of ntpd, and
   the implementation of related config declarations in ntp.conf.
+* Likewise, the poorly-documented ntpdsim code has also been removed
+  to gain a significant reduction in code complexity.
 * The code has been systematically hardened, with unsafe string
   copy and formatting functions replaced by safe (bounded) ones.
-* In toto, around 60% of the NTP Classic code has been outright
+* In toto, more than 60% of the NTP Classic code has been outright
   removed, with less than 5% new code added. This is a dramatic
   reduction in attack surface.

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