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NTPfiend ntpsec at goldhill.co.uk
Sat Oct 2 10:00:14 UTC 2021

Thanks for the response.   Yes, I did have gpsd 3.22 in /usr/local/sbin, 
so I looked more carefully to discover why.

I think the problem was that Debian has updated from buster to bullseye, 
and without swapping repositories to oldstable which ./clockmaker 
--update did not do, some libraries were not updated, and gpsd 
compilation failed.   I originally missed this failure in the vast 
output of ./clockmaker --update.

The solution was to re-use ./clockmaker --config then --build, over my 
existing installation, which forced the repository change, updated the 
necessary libraries and so compiled gpsd successfully.

gpsd -V
gpsd: 3.23.2~dev (revision release-3.23.1-38-g78de30d61)

All appears to be working again, just settling down.   The only downside 
appears to have been that now:

ntpd -V
ntpd ntpsec-1.2.0+88-g1f1859403-dirty

That -dirty looks unpleasant but not a problem (as yet), so I'll 
probably leave everything alone until Raspberry Pi OS bullseye appears.

On 01/10/2021 19:25, Gary E. Miller via users wrote:
> Yo NTPfiend!
> On Fri, 1 Oct 2021 12:04:02 +0100
> NTPfiend via users <users at ntpsec.org> wrote:
>> Having noticed there is a GPSD bug which will cause problems in
>> October, I thought I would give the ntpsec update mechanism a try:
>> ./clockmaker --update
> Cool.
>> However, gpsd -V output remains unchanged:
>> gpsd: 3.22.1~dev (revision release-3.22-333-g935d5b2b1)
>> despite my seeing 3.23 compiling/installing and having deleted 3.22
>> from the R Pi /home/me directory.
> Looks like you have two different versions of gpsd installed.  Find, and
> remove, the old one.
>> I'm a little baffled on why no update occurred and would appreciate a
>> pointer in the right direction.
> Try this as root:
> # which gpsd
> # ls /usr/*bin/gpsd /usr/local/*bin/gpsd
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