not reading /etc/ntpd.d/default.conf

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Thu Apr 16 09:55:07 UTC 2020

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 10:28 AM Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:
> > From section 7. Files of I was
> > expecting NTPSec to read the default.conf in the /etc/ntp.d/ directory.
> The default configuration file is /etc/ntp.conf
> You have to set that up yourself.  install wants to not trash whatever you put
> there so it doesn't install anything there.
Hi Hal,

Perhaps I did not make the issue clear enough.

I am aware that a /etc/ntp.conf is not automatically created when
NTPSec is installed from source.

My question is not about /etc/ntp.conf, my question is about why
/etc/ntp.d/default.conf is not read.

My understanding of the configuration file parsing rules from the page
I linked to

Configuration files are parsed according to the following rules:
1. The plain config file (normally /etc/ntp.conf but the path can be
overridden by the -c option) is read first if it exists.
* The -c option is not specified, and it says "if it exists", so if it
does not exist, the next should apply.
2. Then the configuration directory, if it exists, is scanned.
Normally this directory is /etc/ntp.d, but if the -c option is
specified the /etc will be specified by the directory name of the -c
* The -c option is not specified, so the /etc/ntp.d directory should be scanned.
3. Each file beneath the configuration directory with the extension
".conf" is interpreted. Files are interpreted in ASCII sort order of
their pathnames. Files with other extensions or no extensions are
* There is a file with the .conf extension here, but it is not read

$ cat /etc/ntp.d/default.conf
# This is a complete, usable ntp.conf file assembled from use snippets.

# To configure as a Stratum 1 using GPSD, uncomment the first line.

#includefile use-gpsd-shm               # GPSD via SHM as a local clock source
includefile use-pool                    # Get servers from the NTP pool
includefile use-no-remote-configuration # Normal security
includefile use-minimal-logging         # Declare a drift file and that's it

# end

The issue is not seen on a different install running ntpsec-1.1.7+
(git rev c6f7d15). On this "working" install, /etc.ntp.conf does not
exist, but /etc/ntp.d/default.conf does exist.



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