not reading /etc/ntpd.d/default.conf

shouldbe q931 shouldbeq931 at
Thu Apr 16 08:46:40 UTC 2020

While prevaricating on something else, I decided to rebuild a Pi running NTPsec.

To install NTPsec I cloned current git (1.1.8+ git rev b1e40a8), ran
"./waf configure --refclock=all", "./waf build" and then as root
"./waf install"

The ntp.d directory was copied "rsync -avrt etc/ntp.d /etc/" and the
contents confirmed as existing

The service was enabled "systemctl enable ntpd"

Then started "systemctl start ntpd"

Unfortunately ntpsec failed to start with the error "CONFIG: failed to
open '/etc/ntp.conf': No such file or directory"

The error is "valid" in that there is no file /etc/ntp.conf.

>From section 7. Files of I
was expecting NTPSec to read the default.conf in the /etc/ntp.d/

Has the behaviour changed, or have I missed something?



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