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Yo Patrick!

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> It's not as good as GPS, however it should be as good as (if not
> better than) internet-based time, so for GPS outages, it's a win.

"The frequency uncertainty of the WWVB signal as transmitted is less
than 1 part in 1012. If the path delay is removed, WWVB can provide
UTC with an uncertainty of about 100 microseconds. The variations in
path delay are minor compared to those of WWV and WWVH. When proper
receiving and averaging techniques are used, the uncertainty of the
received signal should be nearly as small as the uncertainty of the
transmitted signal."

That "if the path delay is removed" is important.  I'm about 4 milli
Seconds from Fort Collins.  Which varies by atmospheric condidions.  Not
as good as an NTP connection to a regional Stratum 1 server.

Now that my time server gets time from GPS, BeiDou, Galileo and GLONASS
I'm not so worried about a GPS outage.

eLORAN is the proper replacement for WWVB.

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