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Wed Jun 26 11:33:34 UTC 2019

For me, the Anthorn, Cumbria, UK signal (aka MSF) is present but noisy 
(listening on a decent radio), at a distance of 250 miles ish.   The 
local suburban plus other sundry noise is mostly overwhelming.   My MSF 
kitchen (analogue) clock does work but typically takes many minutes to 
reset on battery change, until a usable signal appears.

If you are OK with radio engineering, a lot could be done with aerial 
tuning, elimination of local interference with a second radio/aerial, 
audio filtering and so on.   It has always seemed too much work to me, 
for what is probably a low-accuracy result (compared to GPS).   Still, 
as it can be done, it probably is done by someone :-)

On 2019-06-25 23:37, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:

> And I do think my overall setup is squeezing out about the best one can hope
> to get from homebuilt, short of a rubidium CSAC!

What about Radio? I.e. WWVB, JYY, DCF77, etc.?

Am looking at that next for source diversity.


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