Best practices question

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Jun 26 09:28:02 UTC 2019

> I'm in the Pacific, looking at JYY.

How far from Japan?  What is their antenna pattern?  What is your local noise 

I think they are on 75 KHz.  If you run out of other ideas, try one of the 
simple WWVB modules and replace the crystal.  You will have to re-tune the 
ferrite rod antenna.

> Thermal-regulated RTCs and rubidium packages for GPS outages?

The GPSDO term is holdover.  The general idea is to keep time within specs 
until the fix-it guy gets there.  Good crystals (aka oven required as well as 
a good crystal) are good enough for cell towers.  Typical numbers are a few 
microseconds over 24 hours.

Your suggestions are interesting for holdover.  They aren't very interesting 
for stratum 0 clocks.

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