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Thu Apr 11 00:57:06 UTC 2019

Gary: build w/o droproot solved the problem, as referenced in other emails
I used Before/After/Delay statements in service files to make sure nptd
started first and gpsd waited 10 secs before starting.  After building w/o
droproot the statements in service files were not required.

Hal: the problem was first detected when shm refclock did not show up in
ntpq -p only servers from us.pool.  I than looked in ntpd.log and found
REFCLOCK: SHM shmget (unit 1): Permission denied and  REFCLOCK: SHM shmget
(unit 0): Permission denied.

startup cmds from service files:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/ntpd -g -N -u ntp:ntp -c /etc/ntp.conf
ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/gpsd /dev/gpsd0

rules file
KERNEL=="ttyAMA0", SYMLINK+="gpsd0"

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