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Wed Apr 10 22:20:35 UTC 2019

Lets see if I can explain/describe this correctly.
I have a 4 raspis running ntpsec of various releases, two are nmea and two
are shm.  The new install referenced in earlier email I now have working.
I added a Before=gpsd.service to ntpd.service file and . keep the
After=nptd.service in gpsd file.  Rebooted ntpd did start before gpsd but
still had error message in ntpd.log and shm did not show in ntpq -p.  I
added a delay statement to gpsd.service  ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/sleep 10, to
allow ntpd to get started.  Rebooted and all is good.

I check my other shm system it is running ]
$ ./ntpd.-V
       ntpd ntpsec-1.1.2+ 2018-12-06T19:09:12Z (git rev 462a3b10e)
and gpsd has started before ntpd

As a test I copied from the new system ntpd to the old rebooted and the
same problems as described in earlier email.  gpsd started first than ntpd
error message in ntpd.log no shm in ntpq -p.

all systems are Arch Linux Arm with to date OS's

I think I'm done, unless there are questions.
I might try raspbian see what happens.

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