Extremely inexpensive gps modules

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Yo Paul!

On Tue, 10 Jul 2018 00:23:25 -0700
Paul Theodoropoulos <paul at anastrophe.com> wrote:

> > It only speaks basic NMEA.  Does not have GALILEO support, and the
> > signal sensitivity is only fair.  For two or three dollars more get
> > a u-blox NEO-M8N which works better.  
> Thanks Gary. I'm having a hard time finding any neo-m8n boards that 
> actually have the PPS wired up - tons of them meant for drones, so no 
> PPS. Plenty of neo-6m and neo-7m units with PPS though. I have seen
> some writeups where folks wire up the pin by hand, but I'm not so
> sure I'd be steady enough to do that sort of small-scale soldering.

It takes some patience to find them.  The PPS rarely mentioned in the
product description.  I scan the images for a 5 pin connector.  The best
deals are fleeting.



I have one of these that I like, I did not pay $30:


If you are willing to wait for shipping from China, $12:


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