Puzzling clock offset spikes

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at anastrophe.com
Thu Jul 5 17:30:18 UTC 2018

On 7/5/18 10:22, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> On 7/5/18 10:13, Gary E. Miller wrote:
>> Yo Paul!

Oh, one other fairly significant change I made per other recommendations 
is that I've moved /var/log onto an overlay tmpfs. I'm using asd - 
Anything Sync Daemon - which is great for this use case, syncing the 
tmpfs back to 'disk' on orderly shutdown, and the ability to restore 
from crash recovery snapshots performed hourly. Highly recommended.

It didn't affect any of my ntp metrics, but it's a fabulous addition to 
the toolkit. It never hurts to cut down on writes to micro sd cards.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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