help building latest

Chris Caudle chris at
Fri Mar 24 01:52:24 UTC 2017

Not sure if the users list is the best place for this, but...
I am trying to pull down the latest and rebuild, but git complains that I
have many differences compared to the master branch.  "Pull is not
possible because you have unmerged files."
I have not intentionally changed the source, so I think this is some false
alarm because of a change made to the git tree that I didn't track (I
haven't run git pull in a couple of months at least).
Since I'm just trying to build the latest, not actively develop, what is
my best bet to tell git to ignore whatever local changes it thinks it
finds and just give me latest?  Is there a command to tell git to discard
local and overwrite with the master branch?  Or is it easier to just
delete the directory and clone again?

Chris Caudle

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