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Yo NTPfiend!

On Sun, 22 Jan 2017 14:42:51 +0000
NTPfiend <ntpsec at> wrote:

> Just commenting here, maybe others have interesting results.

Interesting or not, more data is always good.  Thanks for sharing.

> I've had my ex-Classic-ntp R Pi 2 running ntpsec for a few weeks now
> and judging by ntpd.log, everything is running smoothly, even the
> leap second.

Do you have any comparison numbers from the Classic NTP?  I do not
expect any difference, but data is better than my guessing.

> 7 days results:

I have a RasPi 2 setup, probably a better comparison:

> Not sure the results are that good, not looked at "tuning"

The only thing I did on the RasPi 2 above is put an external antenna
with a good north view, and set maxpoll/minpoll to 2 on the SHM(1).

Then check that SHM(1) is always being used, not SHM(0).

My Local Clock Offset Standard Deviation is 0.8 µs. and yours is 14 µs.

So yes, room for improvment.  Have you run a scatterplot?  That will tell
you how good your GPS is doing: gpsprof -T png -n 86400 > gps.plt

> and the R Pi is in an uninsulated box in the garage. 

I'm guessing your temperature regulation could be better.  My CPU temp
is held to a Standard Deviation of 1.2 °C.  Nothing fancy, just indoors.

We have some temp logging programs in contrib.  Soon will have a nice one
as an official program.  Daemoneye is workong on that, almost ready.

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