Is python2 dead?

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Fri Sep 15 09:34:35 UTC 2023

Hal Murray via devel <devel at>:
> Do you have any data on Go GC times?

Yes. They're pretty miniscule. Most Go GC is performed concurrently
with normal program execution, except for one stop-the-world phase
that typically runs on the close order of 1ms for real production

"Nearly all STW pauses in Go are really sub-millisecond ones. If you
look more real-life test case (see e.g. this file), you’ll notice that
16GB static set on a ~ regular 16-core server implies your longest
pause = 50ms (vs 5s for .NET), and 99.99% of pauses are shorter than
7ms (92ms for .NET)!"
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