Time for a release?

Hal Murray halmurray at sonic.net
Mon Oct 30 05:50:56 UTC 2023

The last time this was suggested, I encouraged waiting until we fixed mssntp.  Well, I think we have it fixed but we haven't found anybody to test it.

So I think it's time to get ready for a release.

Time for lots of testing.  And documentation checking/cleanup.

Does anybody have any features that should or must go in or bugs we should fix?
(I haven't looked through issues yet.)

What is the policy on ntpq documentation?  We have tuned the code for use with our version of ntpd, but it still mostly(?) talks to the old Mills/classic version.  I noticed lots of references to multicast and broadcast in the man page.  We removed the code that supported that stuff ages ago.  The *cast references are now clutter if you are interested in our code, but might be relevant if you are looking at an old old system.  Should we leave the *cast documentation in or clean it out?

I have 3 hacks that were used to debug talking to Samba.  Is a subdir under attic a reasonable place for them?

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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