mssntp option breaking time service: tester(s) wanted

James Browning jamesb192 at
Wed Oct 4 17:27:16 UTC 2023

James Browning wrote:
I have a patch series for ntpsec, which fixes time service for unauthed NTP traffic.
It should also work on NTS. I have yet to test it there, though.
I do not have a test rig for MS-SNTP.
I would appreciate it if anyone could test it against MS-SNTP.
Attaching a pcap (packet capture) file of the UDP traffic on port 123 (NTP)
for the duration would also be nice.
recentish git head and patch series at
in the branch 23H14-ms-sntp-frob; I do not develop in the default branch.
For those with GitLab accounts, the merge request and Issue are at: and

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