Book: The Go Programming Language

Hal Murray halmurray at
Wed May 3 05:27:49 UTC 2023

By Alan L Donovan and Brian W Kernighan
350+ pages

In case you didn't notice, that's the K of K&R.

I don't know anything about Go, yet, but I like books.  This is a good one.

I flipped around, reading a paragraph or a page or two.  It feels good.  Lots 
of examples.  The text is easy to read and understand.  It's probably too 
verbose if you know what you are looking for, for example what is the name of 
the thing that does xxx?

I read all of chapter 9, Concurency with Shared Variables.  I think I know 
something about that area.  It was always one step ahead of me.  It covered 
many important cases that I wouldn't have thought to mention.

I'm looking forward to reading more.

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