Mail delays are back: 4 hours

Fred Wright fw at
Wed Dec 21 22:29:42 UTC 2022

On Wed, 21 Dec 2022, Matt Selsky via devel wrote:

> This is only a 2 minute delay, if I converted all timestamps to UTC correctly.

My last post was delayed 11 minutes, which is longer than it should be, 
but not awful.

> I did find that a spammer was abusing our Mailman instance's web 
> interface to send bounces via our gateways. I enabled 
> SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET and that seems to have stopped the spammer for 
> now. I cleared the deferred mail queues and I'll keep an eye on it.

Gary's post a while back about the humongous queue made me wonder if 
there's some misconfiguration where undeliverable messages are never timed 
out, leading to an ever-growing queue.  I think the typical timeout is 
around four days.  First-order, this should only cause a disk space issue, 
but if the code scales poorly to large queues it could also cause 

Fred Wright

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