tests/option-tester is broken

Hal Murray halmurray at sonic.net
Tue Dec 20 08:24:40 UTC 2022

> Bumping waf (2.0.23 tested) resolves this, and it only happens  for the
> extension because, for some raisin, waf is outputting to the wrong file name
> of ntpc rather than ntpc.cpython-311-x86_64-linux-gnu.so , go figure.

> The default of the FFI library + ctypes is unaffected. 

Interesting.  Thanks.

waf 2.0.23 doesn't fix it for me.  Maybe I didn't do it right.
Do I just download it and raname it to waf?  Or do I have to do some magic to install it?

One of the options being tested by test-all is --enable-pylib=ext
What does that do?  

test-classic does --enable-pylib=ffi
That seems to work.

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