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Thu Dec 1 14:07:14 UTC 2022

> On 11/27/2022 7:42 AM PST James Browning via devel <devel at> wrote:
> Around July 10, 2022, I authored several commits to improve the success rate of the CI pipelines. At the time, I was too daft to realize that some changes I made broke two of the on-push Debian stable builders. In the time since the on-push macOS builders have broken. There are seven merge requests not authored by me at the moment, and the only way to merge them is to override the usual merge request process. Someone should merge request 1281, which I authored to disable the offending feature in the two builders. I will add another merge request to allow the failure of the on-push macOS runners.
> Also, the last merge into the tree was in mid-August; Enough time has passed that a release can be made.
Given the general lack of commits to fix the CI pipeline for not quite five months, apparent lack of work on whatever queues there are to join the group and project, releases, etc. I am temporarily forking NTPsec until at least one, and hopefully, all of those issues will be resolved. (plus any I've missed).
Content will probably be posted to with the name (at least) partially changed to 'gallus ntp' with appropriate asset changes (but not today). This missive is crossposted to the users and devel lists at; please remove the other list unless replies are relevant to both lists.
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