Clock tracking

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Mar 22 21:24:50 UTC 2021

Gary said:
> You could try PTP.  The linuxptp project is active.  With ethernet cards that
> support hardware time stamps you can get 1 micro second offsets, maybe a lot
> better. 

Thanks.  Could you say a bit more.

If I start with 4 PCs plugged into a low end 5 port switch, what else do I 
need to make a working PTP setup?

Do I have to buy a fancy GrandMaster or can one of the PCs serve that function?

Low cost switches aren't going to update any packets.  Will that screw things 
up if the reason I want the clocks in sync is to measure network queuing 
delays when there is a lot of network traffic?

Is there a HOWTO for getting started?


Since you mentioned PTP, can we use the PTP time stamping stuff to get better 
time stamps for NTP packets?  (without dragging in any/much PTP stuff)

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