RUST for linux kernel

MLewis mlewis000 at
Fri Aug 27 16:56:39 UTC 2021

A new set of patches submitted to the Linux kernel mailing list 
summarises the progress of the project to enable Rust to be used 
alongside C for implementing the Linux kernel.
The patches also include new Rust abstractions for Kernel C objects such 
as "red-black trees, reference-counted objects, file descriptor 
creation, tasks, files, io vectors," said Ojeda. Overall, "the Rust 
support is still to be considered experimental. However, as noted back 
in April, support is good enough that kernel developers can start 
working on the Rust abstractions for subsystems and write drivers and 
other modules," he continued.
There is substantial support for the project across the industry. Google 
said in April "we feel that Rust is now ready to join C as a practical 
language for implementing the kernel" and that it would reduce the 
number of potential bugs and security vulnerabilities.

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