Syntax tweak: hostname at IP-Address

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Nov 12 09:30:06 UTC 2020

> If you want to specify the IP address, just specify the IP address ("server
>") and don't bother with a hostname. Specifying an IP instead of a
> hostname has historically been relatively popular with NTP, especially in
> "network devices" (as opposed to "servers"). 

I'm interested in the case where the NTS-KE server certificate doesn't support 
IP addresses.

We could do something that is mostly outside of ntpd, for example setting up a 
DNS cache, running a cron job occasionally to keep it up to date.  But how do 
we access the cache?  If there a library that intercepts DNS calls?  Does it 
work on all the systems we want to support? ...  It sounds reasonable, but 

I was thinking that the name at address format would be easy to implement and 
easy to document and understand.

Maybe I should just wait until people update their certificates to include 
their IP Address.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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