Heads up: incompatible NTS change, Monday midnight, UTC

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri May 8 20:57:24 UTC 2020

watsonbladd at gmail.com said:
> There is speculation and some evidence that port 123 might not work very well
> due to ISP interference: I wonder if that might be happening here. 

I've tracked down a bug that prevents sending requests.  With no requests 
going out, there are no answers coming back.  A simple peers display can't 
distinguish that case from things like a dead server or bogus filtering.

ntpq doesn't have any easy way to display the underlying condition.  (or I 
haven't looked in the right place)

I think it only happens for IPv6 addresses and it may need something like 
stepping time to trigger it.

I'll have a fix out after some more testing.

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