Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Apr 13 18:18:39 UTC 2020


It's dying while trying to reload the certificate file.

Is that happening after running for an hour?

That turns into 2 questions.  Why is it trying to reload the certificates, and 
why is it crashing?

What's in your ntp.conf?  I don't need the whole thing, just the lines with 
Did this configuration work before a recent git pull?

One of your earlier messages had some logging, but I didn't see the NTS 
messages I expect.  With the latest run, did it say anything about loading 
certificates during initialization?  I expect 3 lines like this:
 2 Apr 13:12:11 ntpd[685]: NTSs: loaded certificate (chain) from xxx
 2 Apr 13:12:11 ntpd[685]: NTSs: loaded private key from xxx
 2 Apr 13:12:11 ntpd[685]: NTSs: Private Key OK

Is there anything interesting with the permissions on the certificate or key 
files?  You built with early-droproot, so I think it has already switched to 
user ntp when it loads them during initialization.  I'm trying to figure out 
why it's trying to reload them.  Either there is a bug in the reload logic, or 
it didn't load them the first try and the error didn't get handled correctly.

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