Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Apr 13 12:48:28 UTC 2020

> Apr 13 07:10:23 doos kernel: ntpd[204063]: segfault at 17f8 ip
> 00007f9d70252a70 sp 00007ffe3665adc0 error 4 in[7f9d7022e000+
> 50000] 

Can you get a stack trace?

What were your configure options?

> Apr 13 06:10:27 doos ntpd[204063]: EX-REP: Count=1 Print=1, Score=0.500, M4
> V4 from [2606:4700:f1::1]:123, lng=84

That's saying the NTS stuff isn't working.  2606:4700:f1::1 is Cloudflare.  
They have updated their servers to use the latest tweak from the draft RFC.  
It's incompatible.

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