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Yo Hal!

On Mon, 16 Sep 2019 14:09:45 -0700
Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:

> devel at ntpsec.org said:
> > I'd like to see "struct shmTimme" cleaned up and move into a header
> > file for system use..  Right now it is not in any header file, so
> > clients like gpsd need their own copies.   
> Assume we had a nice header file.  Where would it live?

gpsd installs gps.h, the header for libgps, in $PREFIX/include/gps.h

I would assume similar for NTPsec: $PREFIX/include/ntpsec.h

>  What are the 
> mechanics of getting it to ntpsec or gpsd?

Using it in gpsd would be simple.  scons would check for the include
file, then set "#define HAVE_NTPSEC_H 1" in gpsd_config.h if found.
The gpsd/ntpshm.h would test that to either include that new header,
or use the local shmTime definition.

> Maybe another project with the sample/test code?

No need to get fancy, to start it is just the one "struct shmTime".

> I think we should put the current stuff on the back burner and make a
> new SHM interface where the clients are read only.

ntpshmmon, from gpsd, is already read-only on the SHMs.

> Is shmget/shmat the right API to use?  I remember discussions of
> there being a wrong API but don't remember any details.

First gpsd and NTPsec need to be on the same page (include file).
Anything new would take a long time to replace the current API.  Too
much stuff uses it.

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