Future directions

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Sep 16 23:43:48 UTC 2019

> I always liked the idea of moving to a shm or a local socket "clockd"
> interface.

My comment and Gary's was only to clean up the existing SHM interface.  No 
changes outside refclock_shm.c (and whatever it takes to support a new/clean 
header file)

>  (Under the hood, a UNIX domain socket or a 127/8 localhost socket is nothing
> more than merely a shm segment and two semiphore locks.)

Are UNIX domain sockets available on all OSes?  If so, that's worth 

Every now and then over the years, somebody comes along and wants us to clean 
up the SHM area to use a semaphore.  I've never figured out how to initialize 
that.  We have 2 independent processes that can start/stop/crash in any order.

> A clockd interface was, in fact, part of the original plan.  Maybe make it
> the plan again? 

I never saw a good proposal along those lines.  It would fit in with Eric's 
desire to rip stuff out - we could get rid of all the refclock_* code.  Not 
really, we/somebody would still have to support it, but it could be moved to a 
different project.  It's not high on my list.

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