Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Sep 16 01:18:47 UTC 2019

There are various #ifdefs testing RLIMIT_MEMLOCK and friends

The Linux man page for setrlimit says:
       getrlimit(), setrlimit(): POSIX.1-2001, POSIX.1-2008, SVr4, 4.3BSD.
So I think we can assume it exists and remove the #ifdefs.

Any reason not to?


Why is the -D PYTHON stuff cluttering up the command line when compiling?  I 
can't find anyplace in the code that references any of them.

16:57:54 runner ['/usr/lib64/ccache/gcc', '-DUNITY_EXCLUDE_FLOAT_PRINT', 
'-fstack-protector-all', '-Wshadow', '-Wpacked', '-Wcast-qual', 
'-Wmissing-declarations', '-Wdisabled-optimization', 
'-Wimplicit-function-declaration', '-Winvalid-pch', '-Wpointer-arith', 
'-Wwrite-strings', '-Winit-self', '-Wfloat-equal', '-Wformat', 
'-Wformat-signedness', '-Wformat-security', '-Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn', 
'-Wimplicit-fallthrough=3', '-fPIC', '-O1', '-Wall', '-Wextra', 
'-Wmissing-prototypes', '-Wstrict-prototypes', '-Wundef', '-Wunused', 
'-Winline', '-Wswitch-default', '-g', '-std=c99', '-D_GNU_SOURCE', '-I..', 
'-Iinclude', '-I../../include', '-Ilibaes_siv', '-I../../libaes_siv', 
'-DHAVE_PYEXT=1', '-DHAVE_PYTHON_H=1', '../../ntpd/nts_extens.c', '-c', 

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