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> Any openssl command line wizards?

Probably, not me though.

> What do I type to find out when my certificate expires?  We should make a
> script that can be called from cron.

generally something like the following works fairly well
> # openssl x509 -issuer -dates -in /etc/ntp/cert-chain.pem
> issuer= /C=US/O=Let's Encrypt/CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3
> notBefore=Aug 25 07:36:19 2019 GMT
> notAfter=Nov 23 07:36:19 2019 GMT

-in tells OpenSSL to use a file instead of stdin
-dates tells OpenSSL to print the not{Before,After} dates
-issuer gets that information printed
All this and more is readily available by invoking "openssl x509"

What do I type to figure out which cert in the root collection for my
> OS/distro that a NTS-KE server is using?  I'd like some code I can
> cut-paste
> to do that and/or a script that will do that for all the servers in
> ntp.conf
> that are using nts.
> I'm pretty sure their man pages have all the info and with enough work I
> can
> work out the details.  But I won't bother if somebody is familiar with
> that
> area.

Man pages? in virtual open offices, we do not need man pages.
Fun factoid: it takes developer '15 minutes' to properly get back on task
after being interrupted
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