NTP Performance

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Thu Nov 28 04:07:54 UTC 2019

On 11/26/19 12:19 PM, Achim Gratz via devel wrote:
> Richard Laager via devel writes:
>> I only have the clock fuzzing errors on my NTP servers. I don't have an
>> exact matching configuration that's not an NTP server, but: Similar
>> hardware running Debian 10 and ntpsec 1.1.3 does not. Two eras of newer
>> hardware running Ubuntu 18.04 and the same ntpsec do not.
> I'm not really sure it is an error yet.  How many of these events do you
> get?  Do things eventually stabilize?

On ntp1, on which ntpd was last restarted 25 days ago on the 2nd, I got
464 today (which has two hours to go). Not 464 lines (since there are
multiple), 464 sets of lines:

rlaager at ntp1:~$ grep "ntpd.*this fuzz" /var/log/daemon.log | wc -l

On ntp2, which I restarted a day or two ago:
rlaager at ntp2:~$ grep "ntpd.*this fuzz" /var/log/daemon.log | wc -l


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