NTP Performance

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Sat Nov 23 05:24:47 UTC 2019

On 11/21/19 1:15 AM, Hal Murray wrote:
>> ntp1 uses the PPS refclock with a polling interval of 3 from a telecom GPSDO
>> (OCXO): 
> What brand/model?

Symmetricom TimeSource 3000. It's an older, end-of-life model that we've
had in place for a while. We have four of them in different sites, but
this is the only one with a server with NTP hooked up to it.

If I can (at least somewhat) rule out the ntpd PPS driver as the issue
(by testing with ntp2), a next step is likely going to be configuring an
additional server temporarily and placing it in one of the other sites
on a similar TimeSource 3000. If that's good, then I can swap units to
see if the problem follows the unit or the antenna. If the problem
follows the antenna, then we have the question of whether it is a bad
antenna or bad antenna placement. I may be stuck until spring, as the
problem is likely bad enough to justify someone going on the roof in the
cold to swap the antenna.


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