[OT] Splitting PPS?

Mark Atwood mark.atwood at ntpsec.org
Tue Nov 19 03:55:15 UTC 2019

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, at 09:38, Richard Laager via devel wrote:
> It'd be nice if we could also replace the dead GPS master clock with a
> directly connected GPS receiver, so we get PPS into the server (e.g. via
> a serial port). That would make them stratum 1. I recently did this on
> my own with a ublox 6 evaluation kit that I picked up for cheap on eBay.
> For this project, we could buy an equivalent current generation EVK-M8T
> for $250 from e.g. Digi-Key.
> What is the most cost-effective way to create three stratum 1 servers?

Buy 3 of these for $50 each:


Im the seller, but I'm selling them at my cost, specifically for use cases like yours.

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