What's left to doo on NTS.

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Yo Hal!

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Hal Murray via devel <devel at ntpsec.org> wrote:

> > What still needs to be done to fully land this feature? Key
> > rotation? Anything else?  
> I've been collecting major items in devel/TODO-NTS

It is missing key rotation.  Also how to share keys between
standalone NTS-KE and NTPD.

Have you tested NTS-KE and NTPD on different hosts, talking to each other?
How about multipls NTS-KE and NTPD in a cluster?

> Mostly, it needs testing and probably an overview level
> documentation. Something high level rather than the details of how to
> configure it.  Maybe a HOWTO too.

That too.

> We have to decide how paranoid we want to be about security.  The
> sort of things that are good for debugging enable operation in
> insecure modes.  For example, the "noval" option on certificates.
> Maybe we should have a configure time option.

Please; no more configure time options!

"noval" is not mostly for debugging.  It is essential for off
network operation.

> I assume your "key rotation" includes saving keys to disk for
> recovery after restart.

Not by my definition.  The master key(s) need to change regularly,
probably ever 24 hours is good.

Also, the cookies need to be retired after X days.

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