CPU load on FreeBSD. Classic NTP 5-6% vs NTPsec 10-17%

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Fri Dec 13 16:50:35 UTC 2019

Mike Yurlov via devel writes:
> I recently started the public server for ntppool (Yo, Ask) on
> FreeBSD. Yesterday I was migrate from Classic NTPd to NTPSec (oh, it
> was painful!). I'm copy ntp.conf to ntpsec.conf and only convert
> "magic" 127.127.20 x to refclock. When I looking to "top" I see NTPsec
> eat 10-17% CPU. But Classic NTPd eat only 4-6% on same average
> 3-4kpps/queries per second. Why?

I'm not familiar with how FreeBSD accounts CPU, but NTPsec uses a second
thread for DNS lookups.  If the traffic triggers lots of DNS lookups,
the CPU gets accounted for in ticks per core and the ticks are fairly
long, you could probably expect to see about twice the load.

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