NTS: removed "not implemented" on server ca

Achim Gratz Stromeko at nexgo.de
Wed Apr 3 18:52:36 UTC 2019

Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
>> If you can't get the root cert, you cannot validate anything that has
>> this root as the trust anchor.
> And yet, yesterday I was able to use git head to validate using just
> a Let's Encrypt chain file.  So, yes, you need a root file to validate
> against a root file, but you can validate against intermediate files
> too.  This is a good thing.

_You_ moved the root up by declaring the intermediate to be the new
root.  Which (as was said multiple times before) just means that once
you've found a cert that has ultimate trust no further checks will be
performed, even when there are independent cert chains that would lead
to other trust anchors.

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