Unify clockmaker and pinup; and some other stuff

MIKE MAJOR ossfm at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 19 02:59:18 UTC 2018

Hi Mark,
Darn it all. I didn't mean to reply to your email only. I meant to send this to the Dev list. 

    On Thursday, September 6, 2018 10:56 PM, "Mark Atwood, Project Manager" <mark.atwood at ntpsec.org> wrote:
 > Thank you Mike!  Please submit the PEP8 MR after you've fixed the merge conflict.  I will review your existing MRs.
It took me a bit but I think I have come around to your way of thinking. At first I thought you were going to review the current MRs and accept them. Then I would fix the conflict on my side (fork) and submit. Since that hasn't happened, I started thinking maybe I misunderstood something. 

Now I think I get it. I closed one of my existing MRs; the one that added the PI 3 Model B+ hardware to clockmaker. That was the one that would have conflicted with the PEP8 cleanup of clockmaker. 
I created a new MR that adds the 3B+ HW to clockmaker in a PEP8-compliant way. 

I also submitted the MR for the clockmaker PEP8 cleanup. 

There is still the existing MR for the HOWTO section numbers and indentation. 

I hope this is what you meant. If not, please let me know. 

Sincerely,Mike Major   
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