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Yo Richard!

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> I'm doing some digging, and from what I can see Debian/Ubuntu added
> support for shared linking Go libraries and then removed it a couple
> years later.
> conclusive/authoritative answer.  

I looked at my Gentoo Go binaries.  The typical binary in /usr/bin
is maybe 1kB to 50kB.  Only the rare file, like tcpdump is over

All binaries in /usr/lib/go/bin/ are over 1MB, often past 10MB.  But
when 2 TB is $99 is this a problem?

I do agree that if all /usr/bin became go, that would be a PITA, unless
all the binaries where really one binary, like busybox.  But if all
my daemons (httpd, mysql, ntpd, cups) were Go that would not be a big
deal to me.  Even on a RasPi.

On Gentoo they are all linked with just these libs:

Not sure if that is normal Go, or not.

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