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Yo Achim!

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> Ian Bruene via devel writes:
> > Go is all static linking.  
> That will not go down well with system packagers.

Not all of them.  Source distros like Gentoo will not care.

> Building "static"
> is one of those ideas that apparently can't be weeded out.

I've been working with RHEL for a few months now.  Their insistence on
one version of every library is killing them.  When just one package
needs an old library that holds back ALL the other packages.  Which
cascades, so now all their packages are old.  A real train wreck.

Long, long, ago, all programs were static.  It made it really easy to
move binaries around.  Debug was easy.  Multiple library versions were
not a problem.

Then came hard disks.  Everyone knew that dynamic linking was slower, and
caused many problems, but it saved very expensive disk space.

Now disk space is cheap on all but the cheapest IoT devices.  32GB
on a Raspberry Pis is normal.

Take a look  at Chromium.  It is still in C, but they got so sick
of lazy distros (like RHEL) that they started bundling all the libraries
they needed into their tarball.

If you have the disk space, it solves many problems, and is faster!

Dynamic linking is a PITA.

>  I expect
> the distributions to change their toolchains in no time to default to
> shared linking (system installed) libraries or else ignore Go
> completely.

I expect you are right.  I'll not be using those distros unless forced

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