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Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Tue Sep 18 02:40:25 UTC 2018

On 9/17/2018 18:20 PM, James Browning via devel wrote:
> III. Document updates from me and Paul.
> IV. Teach Paul how to do a git push --force and variants just kidding

Heh! Believe me, I'm trying in earnest to get my head appropriately 
wrapped around the intricacies of forking ntpsec, maintaining my own 
branches, rebasing before pushing those branches up to my forked repo, 
then generating merge requests to upstream.

Still struggling with it. Keep getting bizarro, unexpected results to 
rebasing (e.g. "6 unpulled changes and 11 unpushed changes" says Magit, 
seemingly at random), to the point that it's simplest to just kill the 
merge request, clean up everything on my side, and do it again. Which 
seems to fix it. Until the next branch I try to merge.

But I can be a tenacious bugger, so eventually I'll get this down - I 
really, really want to contribute, even if all I can offer is textual fixes.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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