Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Sep 17 21:27:10 UTC 2018

> We now have a goal of moving all our client-side code from Python to Go.
> Benefits: (1) banish the horror that is Python library directories, (2)
> remove a run-time dependency for operators, (3) build competence and
> infrastructure for a port of ntpd itself to Go. 

I don't have any strong opinions in this area.  I expect to learn a lot.

I don't understand what you mean by "remove a run-time dependency for 

If this goes well, we have an opportunity to make a big contribution to the 
software development community by explaining what/why it worked for us.

I have a good friend who is much smarter than I am for things like this.  He 
doesn't like Python.  He hasn't been able to provide a crisp explanation.  
It's things like "when you come back to code after a few months, it's hard to 
pick up again."

I have problems like that with our ntpq code.  (Of course, that could be my 
problem or because our code is funky.)

Many years ago, I figured out that the main advantage of garbage collection is 
that it simplifies APIs.  It removes things that type checkers couldn't check 
for, like freeing storage on error conditions.

I think that's my problem with Python.  I like type checking.  Python's 
religion doesn't support type checking.  That makes it very hard to figure out 
what types you want to pass and/or what happens if you pass a different type.  
(Again, that could be my problem.)

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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