LKM Timemark Driver

MLewis mlewis000 at
Fri Sep 7 00:07:44 UTC 2018


Development of this LKM was going really well.

However, I was using my M8T alternately on my Windows box through USB 
for power & data (Lady Heather), and on my Pi using the UART RX/TX on 
the GPS breakout board, getting power from a power-only USB cable. As 
the M8T was going to be dedicated to the Pi from now on, when moving it 
over to the Pi I installed a Mini-B USB plug connector onto the + and 
ground leads from the Pi header to get power from there to the breakout 
board. Plugged in, the Pi crashed with LEDs out and the plastic on the 
header end of the leads started melting. Unplugged, the USB socket on 
the breakout board was very hot. While it cooled down, I re-checked the 
continuity on the Mini-B USB plug. No shorts. Checked the internet. The 
seller I got the Mini-B pinout from had a new pinout on their site, with 
the order reversed.

With the + and ground swapped to match the new pinout, the GPS module 
would power up, and after after a typical delay, the board's PPS LED 
would flash. The Pi booted fine. Only the GPS module wouldn't 
communicate with the Pi, neither powered from the header nor from 
power-only USB cable. Moved back to the Windows box, the GPS module 
wouldn't communicate with it either. So the coms on the board and/or the 
GPS module itself is fried. The RX/TX ports on the Pi may be fried too. 
Retested since the weekend, still no coms.

So I'm dead in the water until my new M8T arrives.
I can get another Pi in town in hours.


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