NTS, Big picture

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Wed May 30 20:36:57 UTC 2018

Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net>:
> Let's step back from SINGLESOCK for a bit and focus on security.
> Is the NTS draft-RFC in good enough shape that we can write code now?
> I've studied it, but didn't understand things.  My criteria for "understand" 
> is that I could explain it to somebody else.  "Write code" might be another 
> test.
> One of the key areas that I'm missing is the plans for deployment.  Are we 
> intending to use the normal certificate distribution mechanism as used by the 
> web?  That depends on time.  Is there a way around that?  Do we need our own 
> certificate distribution mechanism?  Can we copy what DNSSEC does?  ...

I don't know the answers to these questions.  Daniel should, though.
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